Strategic Market Advantages

ExoStat enjoys:

  • A highly skilled, experienced management team. An active Board of Directors with vast and highly successful business experience.
  • ExoStat is privately owned, debt free and fully funded.
  • Established relationships with several of the most highly regarded critical care research centers in the world as well as advisory support from several highly regarded critical care physicians/researchers.
  • Established relationships with the “best of breed” consultants in all critical disciplines necessary to develop and commercialize the MicroTrendTM.
  • Hundreds of pertinent research papers and peer-reviewed white papers on the science behind the MicroTrendTM measurement.
  • A strong and patented intellectual property base in both the technology and medical application of the MicroTrendTM. The most important patents extend into 2025-27.
  • An FDA cleared predicate device.
  • An important contractual relationship with SensoCure, AS (Norway), a highly skilled nano/micro technology sensor development company.
  • A market assessment performed by DeLoitte Consulting Group.
  • No direct competition.
  • A contractual relationship with a top tier investment banking company.

“Ischemia therefore is not only an oxygen deficit but also a CO2 excess,
which is a universal phenomenon of tissue failure (tissue hypoperfusion)”.

Dr. Max Harry Weil, founder of the Weil Institute and one of the first researchers of oral pCO2.