Strategic Market Advantages

ExoStat enjoys:

  • The first non-invasive oral mucosal sensor system (the MicroTrend System) to identify and monitor poor gastric tissue perfusion (PomCO2).

  • Elevating PomCO2 is a proven indicator of tissue hypoperfusion, a true medical emergency.
  • A broad market study by DeLoitte Consulting identifies a huge unmet market for the MT Sensor.
  • The technology embedded in the MicroTrend System is novel and disruptive.
  • There is no direct competition.
  • Strong worldwide IP for both technology and application.
  • Hundreds of supporting studies, tests, and peer reviewed papers on the importance of early identification of tissue hypoperfusion
  • Established relationships with:
     • highly regarded hospitals, critical care research centers, and associations.
     • world renown professions, physicians, and clinical research experts that will become early adopters.
  • Ownership of a predicate device that allows an FDA 510 (k) submission for commercial clearance of the MicroTrend System.
  • The MT Sensor disposable which creates "a razor blade paradigm" for sales and marketing.
  • The sensor is designed for fast initialization and up to 8 hours of continuous use with real time monitoring in critical care settings.
  • A highly skilled R&D team that has more than 50 years of product design experience, 30 of which has been on the MicroTrend System.
  • ExoStat has a highly skilled and experienced management team and Board of Directors.
  • The company is fully funded and has no debt.

“Ischemia therefore is not only an oxygen deficit but also a CO2 excess,
which is a universal phenomenon of tissue failure (tissue hypoperfusion)”.

Dr. Max Harry Weil, founder of the Weil Institute and one of the first researchers of oral pCO2.