The MicroTrend™ System is a noninvasive monitoring device which features a micro sensor embedded in a hands free mouth clip located in the buccal mucosa tissue of the mouth. The sensor retrieves a continuous stream of data to measure partial pressure carbon dioxide (pCO2), an early indicator of tissue hypoperfusion. Patient populations include those in ER's, ICU's, perioperative units, dialysis centers, burn centers, nursing homes, recovery rooms, ventilation weaning units, and environments where the critically ill and injured are located.

Sepsis related illnesses could be the largest market:

  • Sepsis affects over 26 million people worldwide each year and is increasing at a an annual rate of 8 to 13% per year.1
  • Sepsis is the most common cause of hospital deaths.1
  • There are 77,800 hospital ICU beds in the U.S. with an average of 60% of them occupied each night. 30% of all ICU patients have Sepsis.2
  • There are approximately 20,000 neonatal ICU beds in the US. Every "preemie" is a candidate for Sepsis. Sepsis is the number one killer.2
  • 21% of all hospital costs in the US are Sepsis related, Over $27 billion was spent on Sepsis patients in the US in 2014.1
  • Sepsis patients are generally hospitalized for extended periods.
  • Sepsis is one of the main reasons for hospital "readmissions".2

In early 2016, ExoStat engaged Deloitte Consulting to provide an assessment of the domestic and international markets for the MicroTrend™ System. Using preliminary pricing assumptions, the study concluded that, with a reasonable and timely product rollout, ExoStat could realize "early year" revenues in the $1-3 billion range. Over a ten year period, the estimates are 2-3X that amount.

This study focused primarily on ICU locations. It was recognized that other substantial markets exist, including emergency rooms, neo-natal intensive care units, burn centers, dialysis centers and other critical care centers. Coupled with price flexibility product line extensions and untapped markets, the world market has possible revenue expansion in the billions of dollars per year.

The market potential for the MicroTrend™ System can only be estimated at this time because no direct competition currently exists. All novel and disruptive products require time to educate users and saturate markets. ExoStat has allocated valuable time and resources to understand and prepare for these challenges.

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2 National Inpatient Hospital Costs. Agency for Healthcare and CDC. gov.