ExoStat Medical, Inc. (“ExoStat”) is a Minnesota based, privately held company engaged in the development of a novel, hands free sensoring/monitoring system to measure partial pressure carbon dioxide (“pCO2”) in the oral mucosal tissue. The device is called the MicroTrendTM System.

Groundbreaking research on the connection between tissue hypoperfusion and CO2 levels in bodily mucosal tissue began more than 15 years ago at the Weil Institute of Critical Care Medicine (“WICCM”) in Southern California. Subsequently, multiple research studies have clinically corroborated the connection of pCO2 between the tissue of gut and oral mucosal tissue. From this vast research data, WICCM developed and obtained a number of significant patents. In 2003, a predecessor company to ExoStat, Optical Sensors, Inc. (“OSI”), entered into a patent licensing agreement with WICCM. Soon thereafter, development of a device to gather pCO2 data in oral mucosal tissue began.

The novel device developed by OSI at that time was a sublingually positioned, hand held, single point measurement system. It was the first and only cleared-to-market device to measure pCO2 in sublingual tissue.
In 2005, OSI changed its corporate name to Vasamed, Inc. In order to focus efforts and resources on this product development, in 2008 ExoStat was created as a free standing, spin-off of Vasamed. ExoStat determined that the original predicate system had manufacturing and distribution challenges and immediately began a technology improvement program aimed at removing those known negatives.

In December, 2014, ExoStat entered into a long-term patent licensing and technology agreement with SensoCure, AS, a Norwegian sensor development company located in Oslo, Norway. ExoStat and SensoCure had been collaborating for over a year prior to the execution of the formal agreement. SensoCure holds several important patents covering sensor technology important to ExoStat’s MicroTrend™ System.

Through this partnership, great technological advances have been made and ExoStat is nearing the final stages of product development. The new MicroTrendTM System will feature hands free monitoring capabilities that will provide caregivers easy access to previously unavailable information about tissue well being.